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Talla de Diamante

Talla de Diamante GRAPE VARIETIES Chardonnay and Viura ELABORACIÓN Surprising you in special moments and places is basically the goal of Talla de Diamante wine. The grape varieties are the special feature, a blending of Viura and Chardonnay. Historically, white wines in La Rioja area and particularly in our winery, have been made with the Riojan grape called ‘Viura’. However, new grape varieties have been approved by the Rioja Appellation, allowing us to reach new ‘coupages’ and wine projects, which give us the opportunity to transmit new feelings to the consumer. Talla de Diamante is coming from a selection of plots, where Viura vines are older than 30 years old….

Graciela Semi Dulce

Graciela white – Reserva semi-sweet

GRACIELA GRAPES Viura and Malvasía WINEMAKING PROCESS Grapes are harvested when they reach their optimum ripening point. Once at the winery the must is extracted. The fermentation process is later stopped at sugar levels that give this wine its characteristic semi-sweet flavour. Ageing takes place in medium-toasted American oak for 15 months and for the remainder of the process the wine is bottle-aged. BUY ONLINE IN VINOGALERIA TASTING White wine with brillant straw-yellow hues. Intense and complex bouquet with notes of aromatic herbs, especially mint and fennel, together with nuances of apple, aniseed and american white oak. Well balanced, oily and tasty on the palate with an excellent long finish. FOOD…

Vino Blanco Diamante


GRAPE VARIETIES Viura y Malvasía. WINEMAKING PROCESS Destemmed and lightly crushed, the grapes are then fermented at a very low temperature (12ºC) in order to reflect the natural freshness and fruitiness of the indigenous Viura and Malvasía varieties. Fermentation is then stopped to maintain the natural sugars (an average of 28 grams per litre) and give it its semi-sweet personality, an homage to the wines of Mediterranean Europe. COMPRAR ONLINE EN VINOGALERIA TASTING NOTES Golden with pale yellow hues, Diamante displays a complex bouquet of ripe fruits and flowers underpinned by aromas of sweet must. Unctuous, elegant and easy to drink, it has a sweet attack and a nice, slightly…


Viña Soledad

VIÑA SOLEDAD GRAPE VARIETIES Viura WINEMAKING PROCESS The extraction of the must and fermentation take place in stainless steel vats under controlled temperatures. The average temperature during fermentation is 16ºC. This ensures freshness, a crisp acidity and excellent aroma. Bottling takes place within the following year. These wines are meant to be consumed within one year of production. BUY ONLINE IN VINOGALERIA TASTING Pale yellow with greenish hues, Crisp bouquet with notes of white fruit and hints of citrus and tropical fruits. Elegant and easy to drink, it has a sweet attack with satisfying acidity in its long finish. FOOD PAIRING Aperitifs, hors d’oeuvres, vegetable dishes, seafood, pastas. TECHNICAL DETAILS…

Viña Soledad Tete de Cuvée Blanco Reserva

Viña Soledad Tete de Cuvee Rva

VIÑA SOLEDAD TETE DE CUVEE RESERVA Vine sculpture rooted in white canvas. A picture of golden iridescence. Aromas of rosemary flower and honey herald the most delicious sip and the richest of moments. GRAPE VARIETIES Viura. WINEMAKING PROCESS The must is in contact with the grape skins for the fermentation process and is pumped over on a daily basis. The wine then remains in medium-toasted American oak barrels (Ohio) for 18 months. This is followed by a further 18 months at least of bottle-ageing in our cellars before release. AGING 18 months in American white oak (Ohio) barrels and a further 18 months of rounding in the bottle in our cellars before release….